UTICC Institute

What the DMC does:


The DMC bridges academia and industry to develop novel and commercializable intellectual property. The DMC conducts technology research for multidisciplinary projects, using rich media approches for video games, modeling & simulation, machine learning, and training applications, to create products that have impact for both industry, and government.

Featured Projects:


FAST -- Scenario Manager

The Scenario Manager is a tool for creating interactive multimedia applications to be run within the Scenario Engine, a java-based graphics engine for modern operating systems.  Designed for flexibility, the Scenario Manager is ideal for rapid construction of any number of applications including educational exercises, learning evaluation, games and demonstrations.



The encompass cyberinfrastructure project provides a systems view of energy, environmental, and earth resource issues with the goal of spanning boundaries: across centers of knowledge, disciplines, cultures, technologies, resource type, and global hemispheres.